Measurlogic Inc. facility in Centennial, CO

For two decades in Colorado, Measurlogic Inc.  has designed and manufactured the most innovative, cost-effective AC & DC electrical submeters under the DTS brand.

Our company was founded in 2000 on over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, sales and support of precision instrumentation, energy mitigation products, electrical monitoring meters and energy management systems. We serve commercial and industrial markets, both domestic and international.

Our product offerings also include supporting AC & DC Current Sensors, and accurate and efficient solutions in Maximum Demand Control and Power Conditioning. Our mission is to provide our customers with precision metering and energy efficiency systems – with quality support before, during and after the sale.DTS Series Logo

Our electrical submeters provide customers with revenue grade, intelligent, economical tools for reporting, billing and energy cost allocation, as well as load control and demand side management.

Our DTS Series has been designed to work in most environments, require no external power source to operate, and work with all 333mV, flexible Rogowski  or 5A current transformers. For ease in installation, the DTS Series is designed to mount to almost any surface and can come with a bright backlit LCD display todisplay the measured variables. Some of the exciting features provided with the DTS Series are field configurable DIP switches, Fused Voltage Terminals, Auto-topology Phase Detection and on-board CT Reverse Algorithms for automatic correction of improper field mounted CTs. For remote configurability, the DTS Series comes with our free DTS Config software platform; conveniently displaying up to 200 parameters . The DTS Series provides the most accurate data acquisition and is certified to ANSI C12.20 Revenue Grade. Whether communicating via an RS-485 or Ethernet connection, the DTS Series supports most accepted industrial and building automation protocols, including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, SNMP, DNP 3.00 or LonWorks. Also, if in the future, you decide to integrate renewable energy sources, the DTS Series will conveniently operate as a Bi-directional NET meter. The DTS Series is Designed and Manufactured in the USA and complies with the Buy American Provisions of ARRA Section 1605.Measurlogic Inc - Made in the USA

Measurlogic equips building owners, facility managers and process engineers with the most affordable, effective and scalable energy management solutions available. Our meters easily integrate with existing energy management systems, Building Automation Systems and existing Energy Monitoring Software; or they can be the foundation of a brand new SCADA control system. Conversely, our meters can stand alone as a simple solution with a local analog readout. If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Contact us before you start your metering project and we will be glad to assist you in the development and design of your system. We can provide you the smartest, most efficient and cost-effective solution available.