CVM-B Series


Power Analyzers / Data Display

  • High-resolution VGA colour screen
  • Display: 3.77″ x 3.77″ or 5.66″ x 5.66″
  • IP 65* front panel protection
  • 5 voltage inputs (3 phases + neutral + earth) 1000V L-L
  • 4 Current inputs, ITF
  • Expandable unit, up to 4 modules, digital and analogue outputs
  • RS485 communications port (Modbus/RTU and BACnet protocols)
  • Voltage and Current harmonics to the 50th
  • Innovative SCV interface for versatile data display
  • 2 Relay outputs / 2 transistor outputs / 2 digital inputs

Data Sheets & Downloads

CVM-B Series Brochure (1.6 Mb) [PDF]

Product Description

The CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 units are panel mounted three-phase power analyzers (dimensions: 3.77″ x 3.77″ and 5.66″ x 5.66″, respectively). Both offer 4-quadrant measurement (consumption and generation). Suitable for Medium or Low voltage installations, in both 3 or 4-wire three-phase circuits, two-phase circuits with or without neutral, single-phase circuits or ARON connections.

The CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 high-performance units feature a measurement engine that allows the user to analyse many different electrical parameters, in addition to offering a large variety of optional expansion modules for the same unit.


  • Format: 3.77″ x 3.77″ (CVM B100) and 5.66″ x 5.66″ (CVM B150)
  • High-resolution VGA colour screen
  • IP 65* front panel protection
  • 5 voltage inputs (3 phases + neutral + earth) 1000 Vf-f
  • 4 Current inputs, ITF
  • Class 0.2 voltage and current accuracy
  • Class 0.5S energy accuracy
  • Voltage and Current harmonics to the 50th
  • Expandable unit, up to 4 modules, combining digital and analogue outputs, Modbus/TCP, MBus, LonWorks, Profibus, XML/Web
  • Modular (optional addition of expansion modules)
  • Touch-sensitive movement buttons
  • Universal power supply source
  • RS485 communications port (Modbus/RTU and BACnet protocols)
  • Customisation of parameters to be displayed
  • Innovative SCV interface (Slide, Choose & View) for versatile data display, enabling the customisation of the parameters displayed on the screen
  • Electrical parameters: instantaneous, maximum, minimum (with date and time) and demand
  • Incremental electrical parameters (energy), times, costs, emissions
  • 3 Tariffs (can be selected via the digital input or RS485 communications)
  • Capable of showing costs and kgCO2 emission sources on the screen, depending on the energy consumed or generated
  • 2 Relay outputs for alarms with delay, times, ON and OFF, etc.
  • 2 transistor outputs for alarms or impulse generation, with all the possible configuration parameters
  • 2 digital inputs, with control over the selection of the unit’s tariffs or configurable for monitoring purposes, with RS-485 Modbus communications, monitoring of logical states of other electromechanical units. (RCCBs, thermal-magnetic circuit breakers, etc.)

* with sealing joint


  • Control and monitoring of all electrical parameters measured in any electric distribution panel and low and high-voltage connection points.
  • 4 alarms (2 per transistor and 2 per relay), fully and independently programmable: low or high value, hysteresis, connection/disconnection delays, normally open or closed standby status and interlocking.
  • Generation of impulses with transistor outputs, fully and independently configurable over any incremental parameter (energy, costs, kgCO2, total meter or tariff hours)
  • Transducer that converts analogue signals to any instantaneous parameter that the unit can measure or calculate, with built-in expansion modules with analogue outputs.
  • Display of process signals, with a built-in expansion module with analogue inputs; optional reporting of these signals to SCADA systems through communication systems
  • Control of electrical load or alarm signal operations by programming the transistor or relay outputs that are built-in or added through expansion modules.
  • Autonomous datalogger with web server, connected to a M-CVM- AB-Datalogger module. Enables direct monitoring of the historical data stored in the unit via a conventional web browser.


Power Circuit

Power supply voltage: 100…240 Va.c. ±10% / 120…300 Vd.c. (20…120 Vd.c. optional)
AC Frequency: 45…65 Hz
AC Consumption: 6…8 VA (max. 24 VA)
DC consumption: 3…4 W (max. 22 W)

Power supply voltage: 100…240 Va.c. ±10% / 120…300 Vd.c. (20…120 Vd.c. optional)
AC Frequency: 45…65 Hz
AC Consumption: 7…12 VA (max. 28 VA)
DC Consumption: 4…7 W (max. 26 W)

Voltage Measurement Circuit

CVM-B100 & CVM-B150
Voltage range : 600 Vp-n – 1000 Vp-p
Frequency: 40…70 Hz
Measurement margin: 5 %…200% of the U for U =300 Vac (p-n)
n n
Admissible overvoltage: 750 Vac
Maximum consumption (limited current): < 0.1 VA

Current Measurement Circuit

Current measurement 4 (3 phases + 1 neutral)
Input current …/5 A or…/1 A or …/250 mA
Minimum current for class 250 mA
Start-up current 10 mA (0.4 mA with MC transformers)
Measurement margin 0.010 .. 10 A
Admissible overload 10 A permanent, 100 A t < 1 s
Consumption < 0.15 VA

Maximum Transformation Ratios

Primary V : 6,000,000 (phase-neutral)
Primary A : 10,000
Product of Primary V x Primary A <60,000,000,000

Maximum Meter Value (Total)

Yes (Primary A / Secondary A) < 1,000 (2 GW)
Yes (Primary A / Secondary A) ≥ 1,000 (2 TW)

Accuracy Class

Voltage 0.2%
Current 0.2%
Neutral current 0.5%
Power 0.5% ± 1 digit
Active energy Class 0.5 S
Reactive energy Class 2

Voltage / Current

up to 50

Digital Inputs

Selection of tariffs, states or external alarms
Type Optoisolated potential-free contact
Quantity 2
Activation current 4 mA (12 V maximum voltage of open contact)
Insulation 4 kW

Digital Outputs

Generation of impulses or alarms
Type NPN transistor
Quantity 2
Maximum operating voltage +/- 48 Vdc
Maximum operation current +/- 130 mA
Maximum frequency 1000 impulses / second
Pulse duration (T on / T off) 0.3 / 0.7 ms (1 ms of a complete impulse)


Type Relay
Quantity 2
Maximum operating power 1500 VA / 180 W
Maximum operating voltage 400 Vac
Maximum switching current 6 A
Electrical working life (400 V / 6 A) 3 x 104 cycles
Mechanical working life 1 x 107 cycles

Built-in Communications

Protocols Modbus RTU / BACnet
Speed 9600…115200
bits, parity, stop 8, n, 1 (configurable)

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature -10…+50ºC
Relative humidity 5…95%
Altitude 2000 m


Assembly on 3.7″ x 3.7″ or 5.6″ x 5.6″ panel
Depth 110 mm w/o expansion modules (both models)
Front panel IP Protection IP 65*
Rear panel IP protection IP 30


Designed for CAT III 300/520 Vac installations, in accordance with EN 61010
Double-insulated electric shock protection, class II


IEC 62053-22, ANSI (class 0.5S), IEC 62053-23 ANSI C12.1 (class 2), IEC 61010, IEC 61000, UNE-EN 55022. Measurement in accordance with MID, design in accordance with UL IEC 61000-4-2, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5

References: 96x96

Current measuring secondaries …/5 or …/1 A or …250 mA
Type CVM-B100 -ITF-RS485 -ICT2

References: 144x144

Current measuring secondaries …/5 or …/1 A or …250 mA
Type CVM-B150 -ITF-RS485 -ICT2

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