DTS SKT Series


Socket / Remote Communications

  • ANSI C12.20 – Revenue Grade
  • 208-240Vac L-L or 120-480Vac L-L
  • BTL Listed
  • Ethernet, RS-485 or Pulse (kWh) connectivity
  • Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP or DNP 3.0 
  • Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP or LonWorks
  • 100A, 200A internal CTs or 5A CT inputs
  • Conveniently offered in most Form Factors
  • Bi-directional for renewable systems (NET metering)
  • Options include: LCD display, Digital Output
  • The specifications above are model dependent.

Data Sheets & Downloads


DTS SKT Datasheet (2 Mb) [PDF]


DTS SKT — Installation Guide (1.1 Mb) [PDF]
RS-485 Cabling Requirements for Modbus RTU and BACnet MSTP (161.3 Kb) [PDF]
Guide for Extending CT Cable Length (122 Kb) [PDF]
Configuring Digital Outputs Using DTS Config (700.4 Kb) [PDF]


Download DTS Config (1.9 Mb) [ZIP]
Download DTS Toolbox (9.2 Mb) [ZIP]
Changing IP settings for an Ethernet based DTS meter (1.4 Mb) [PDF]

View Software / Drivers page for more details & current version info.

DTS Modbus Map (464.4 Kb) [PDF]
DTS Modbus Addendum (SunSpec) (354 Kb) [PDF]
DTS BACnet MS/TP Map (741 Kb) [PDF]
DTS BACnet/IP Map (182.2 Kb) [PDF]
DTS LonWorks Map (150 Kb) [PDF]
DTS SNMP Map (146.1 Kb) [PDF]
DTS DNP 3.0 Map (157.1 Kb) [PDF]

DTS Logging System (308 Kb) [PDF]

Product Description

Use the DTS SKTD Class 0.5 “Smart” submeters to replace existing electro-mechanical energy consumption metering for improved efficiency, reliability and power quality. These replacement socket submeters support most accepted protocols, including embedded ethernet connectivity for Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP or DNP 3.0 as well as communication via an RS-485 connection, supporting Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP. They easily integrate with Building Automation Systems and Energy Monitoring Software.

The DTS SKTD is certified ANSI C12.20 – Revenue Grade, the highest accuracy of any meter. The DTS SKTD is available with optional kWh (Energy) pulse output. The meter includes a 2 line Integral LCD display. For remote configurability, all the DTS Series of meters come with our free DTS Config software platform where you can conveniently choose from over 200 parameters at the frequency you require. Also, if in the future, you decide to integrate renewable energy sources, the DTS Series will conveniently operate as Bi-directional NET meters. The DTS SKTD are designed and manufactured in the USA and comply with the Buy American Provisions of ARRA Section 1605.

Why Energy Socket Replacement?

  • To upgrade existing electro-mechanical meters
  • Access to smart meter technology
  • Remote access to meter data
  • Multiple form factors available


  • “Smart” submeter replacement for existing electro-mechanical meters
  • Class 0.5 Energy Meter** (ANSI C12.20) – “Revenue grade”
  • Bi-directional for renewable systems (NET metering)
  • Socket Form Factors
    1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, 8S, 9S, 12S, 14S, 15S 16S
  • Other form factors available
  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity – Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP or DNP 3.0
  • RS-485 connectivity – Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP
  • LonWorks FT-10 communications
  • Digital output (N.O. solid state relay) – optional
  • Integral LCD display (DTS SKTD)
  • Communications interface for portable DTS Display unit (DTS SKT)
  • User configurable using DTS Config software
  • User-definable Modbus register area
  • Compatible with PowerStudio Energy management and control software suite
  • Integrates seamlessly with AcquiSuite data acquisition server
  • SunSpec Alliance compatible
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Complies with Buy American Provisions of ARRA Section 1605

Popular Form Factors

  • 2S (Single phase – typical Residential form factor) can have either 100A or 200A internal CT(s)
  • 9S (3 phase – Commercial & Industrial) has external CTs, over 200A
  • 16S (3 phase – Commercial & Industrial) can be provided with 100A or 200A internal CTs


Measuring Circuits

Nominal Voltage: depending on form factor and model, range is -10% to +10%
Permanent overload: 1.1 x nominal voltage
Voltage burden: <0.1 VA @ 280 V ac L-N
Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz
Rated current: depending on form factor and model
Permanent overload: 1.5 x In for 5A version
Current input burden: 0.5 VA @ 5 A

Mechanical Characteristics

Connection: Socket base
Case Material: Self-extinguishable, V0 plastic
Protection: NEMA 4
Dimensions: 7”(178mm)[ x 7.48”(190mm)Depth
Weight: 2.13 lbs (950g) DTS-SKT
2.31 lbs (1050g) DTS-SKTD

Communications (Serial)

Connection: 3 way pluggable, screw terminal
Protocols: Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP

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