EDS Series


Energy Manager / Web & XML Server

  • Parameterisation and management of automatic events
  • Alarm recording system and system event management
  • E-mail alarms
  • RS-485 port for connecting up to 5 devices
  • Ethernet connection
  • Centralization of alarms
  • Optional 3G connection

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Data Sheets & Downloads

EDS (Energy Manager) Brochure (258.4 Kb) [PDF]
EDS-3G (Eficiency Data Server 3G) Brochure (354.5 Kb) [PDF]

Product Description

EDS is an energy manager equipped with a built-in web and XML server, which enables the user to query any electrical variable by connecting the metering equipment to its RS-485 bus without having to install any software. Thanks to the RS-485 expansion bus, the user can view any variable from the units connected to the bus and can even display information in real time, in table or graphic format (data logger). There are 8 voltage-free digital inputs and 6 programmable relay digital outputs.

The EDS-3G is a device that offers the same features as its predecessor, the EDS. The EDS-3G features PowerStudio Embedded management software, with a web server and Ethernet connection, in addition to a brand-new feature that lets you connect via a built-in 3G router. This new connectivity lets you establish wireless communication with points that have no possibility of having an ADSL connection, in order to access the information stored by the EDS-3G or to incorporate it into a superior energy management system, such as PowerStudio Scada .


Domestic application

EDS can be used to control the partial consumption of each load in a domestic installation.

  • Control of domestic consumption.
  • Compare your consumption with that of the energy marketer.
  • Rationalization of home consumption.

SME/Industrial application

EDS facilitates the control of partial consumption of the different single-phase and three-phase loads during productive and non-productive periods.

  • Control the consumption of your installation 24/365 and locate residual consumption during non-production periods.
  • Check the power level contracted in the installation.
  • Supervise the level of harmonics and the reactive load of your installation.
  • Alarms for consumption or incidents in your electrical network.
  • No need for a computer
  • Possibility of connection when specified: the system acts automatically.
  • Provides information about your bill before you receive it.

Multi-point application

EDS can control the individual consumption of each of the installations and centralize them into a single one, in the case of load distribution (or remote installations).

  • Efficient, easy and simple control of the consumption of your remote sites.
  • Energy reports per consumption zone or site
  • Remote alarms for excess consumption or incidents in the electrical network.
  • Possibility of comparing consumption for each site.


Power Supply Circuit

Power Supply voltage 85 … 264 Va.c. / 120 … 374 Vd.c.
Frequency 47 … 63 Hz
Consumption 5 … 8 VA

Output Features

Type Relay
Maximum operating power 740 VA
Maximum operating voltage 250 Va.c.
Maximum current commutation 5 A with resistive load
Electrical working life (250 Va.c. / 5 A) 3 x 104 maneuvers
Mechanical working life 2 x 107 maneuvers

Input Features

Type Free-voltage opto isolated
Max. current activation 50 mA
Isolation 1500 V


LCD with Backlight

Mechanical Features

Enclosure Autoextingible UL94 V0 plastic
Protection degree IP 51
Dimensions (mm) 105 x 90 x 70 mm (6 modules)
Weight 280 g

Environment Conditions

Working temperature -10 ºC … 60 ºC
Humidity 5 … 95% (without condensation)
Max. Altitude 2000 m

Network Interface

Type Ethernet 10BaseTX
Connector RJ-45
Network protocol HTTP / Modbus/RTU
Bus RS-485

Serial Interface

Type RS-485 three wires (A/B/S)
Transmission speed 4800, 9600,19.200, 34.800, 57.600, 115.200 bps
Data bit 8
Parity Without parity, pair, odd
Stop Bit 1 / 2


Category III 300 / 520 Va.c. according to EN 61010
Class II double insulation against electric shock


EC 60664, VDE 0110, UL 94, EN 61010-1, EN 55011, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-11, EN 61000-6-4, EN61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-4-5

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