Modbus Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Serial Gateway


Modbus RS-485 – Ethernet Converter / Gateway with Wi-Fi

  • Bridges Modbus TCP Ethernet and RS-485 RTU serial networks
  • Modbus TCP – up to 10 Masters on hardwired ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces simultaneously
  • Modbus RTU – Up to 32 slave devices
  • Multiple connection points: 1 x Ethernet, 2 x RS-485: R1 – Slave devices, R2 – RTU Master, Wi-Fi
  • Serial data rate: up to 115.2 kbps
  • Wi-Fi interface can be configured as a Client or Access Point / Hotspot
  • Ultra-compact DIN rail mount
  • Wi-Fi antenna is removable and has a standard SMA connector allowing external antennae to be utilized.
  • Ordering Part # : CCOM-0030A
  • 12 – 24Vdc OR 24Vac input required (DIN rail mounting power supply not included, sold separately – ordering part #: CSPU-0011)

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  • Add a DIN rail mounting power supply
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Data Sheets & Downloads


DTS Modbus WiFi Ethernet Serial Gateway datasheet (2.1 Mb) [PDF]


DTS Modbus TCP-RTU Gateway – Quick Start Guide (730.9 Kb) [PDF]

Product Description

The Modbus Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Serial Gateway is a converter that provides a bridge connection for devices on Modbus RS-485 Serial networks with those on Modbus TCP networks allowing for seamless integration.

Supporting up to 10 Masters on either of the hardwire Ethernet or Wi-Fi Interfaces and up to 32 slave devices on the RS-485 serial interface (R1 port). The gateway has a second serial port (R2) that can be connected to a Modbus RTU Master. The Modbus RTU Master and Modbus TCP Master can communicate simultaneously with the slave devices.

Serial data rates up to 115.2 kbps are supported ensure maximum network flexibility.

The Modbus Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Serial Gateway is built for use in Industrial environments, featuring a slim, ultra-compact DIN rail mounting design.

It operates from either 24Vac or 12-24Vdc power supply voltages and has pluggable terminal block connectors for quick removal and re-install. An external power supply, sold separately, is required.

Each gateway is easily configured through its web server interface.

The Wi-Fi antenna is removable and has a standard SMA connector allowing for an external antenna to be connected, if required.


See datasheet for detailed features


See datasheet for detailed specifications

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