Signal Conditioners


DIN rail Mounted / 3-way Isolation

Model 7000 – Serial communications isolator
Model 9000 – Universal Programmable Process, Temperature, Frequency Transmitter (95-265V AC/DC 50/60Hz power supply)
Model 9004 – Programmable Loadcell transmitter (4 loadcells – 95-265V AC/DC 50/60Hz power supply)
Model 9006 – High current/voltage AC/DC transmitter
Model 9240 – Universal Programmable Process, Temperature, Frequency Transmitter (8-30VDC power supply)
Model 9244 – Programmable Loadcell transmitter (4 loadcells – 8-30 VDC power supply)
Model 9300 – Dual Alarm unit
Model 9400 – Dual Channel Process Power Supply
Model 9500 – Current / Volt / Potentiometer to 4-20mA transmitter
Model 9600 – Loop powered 0-30mA loop isolator
Option 3016 – Excitation power booster for up to 6 load cells
Fixed Function DC Signal Conditioners

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Data Sheets & Downloads

Model 7000 Brochure (231.7 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9000 Brochure (142.3 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9004 Brochure (138.1 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9006 Brochure (139 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9240 Brochure (142.3 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9244 Brochure (138.1 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9300 Brochure (293.1 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9400 Brochure (294.2 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9500 Brochure (298.9 Kb) [PDF]
Model 9600 Brochure (295.1 Kb) [PDF]
Option 3016 Brochure (236.5 Kb) [PDF]
DC Signal Conditioners Datasheet (135.7 Kb) [PDF]

Product Description

Low cost, Universal and Fixed Function AC and DC signal conditioners and converters. They feature extended (2.5kV) isolation for industrial and utility applications. Also, DC applications up to 900VDC.

A comprehensive range of DIN rail mounted, digital instruments offering complete 3-way isolation between power supply, input and output. The inputs are programmable to accept a wide variety of signals including thermocouples, mA, voltage, loadcells, frequency, The analog output is programmable for 0-20mA / 4-20mA or 0-10V output. RS232 communications is standard. Configuration and field calibration is done via a notebook computer or desktop PC using user-friendly software. All instruments are 3.6″x3.6″x1″

Ready to use out of the box DC Signal Conditioners providing full 3-way galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply. Factory calibrated according to user specification. Low cost and rugged solution for measuring individual parameters. Extended isolation and high input voltages not readily available elsewhere.

ATS Series:

Individual DC measurement of the following:

  • Voltage (Volts)
  • Current (Amps)
  • Temperature
  • Resistance